Fairway Capital Investments’ stock portfolios are informed and distinguished by our global research team. Our global outlook, paired with our local insight, enables us to identify the most appealing opportunities, wherever they may be. Fairway Capital Investments utilizes centralized investment teams which are organized by geographical region and investment style, taking advantage of quantitative, macroeconomic and fundamental research to decide on stock moves.

Fairway Capital Investments’ primary focus is on growth stocks and value stocks, though with strong fundamentals across the other stock classifications. These primary investment stocks tend to highlight diverse opportunities that, depending on market conditions, can complement each other very well.

The market can be highly reactionary, with many stocks experiencing a drop in value after often minor company setbacks. Fairway Capital Investments’ value stock philosophy aims to take advantage of this type of market overreaction, identifying those companies where the obstacles can be overcome through management decision making or a change in market conditions. Fairway Capital Investments’ growth stock philosophy revolves around identifying those companies that have excellent growth opportunities which have been underestimated by the market.

US, Global Developed Markets & Emerging Markets

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