At Fairway Capital Investments, we believe that investment research is vital in delivering the best returns to clients. It is the role of Fairway Capital Investments’ research team to collate and interpret market data and facts, derive solid conclusions and deliver to our clients’ expert investment advice.

We like to claim that investment research is in our blood. It is not just that research is a priority for Fairway Capital Investments, it is a fundamental part of our firm, our success and what distinguishes us from other firms. While there are many additional dimensions to our asset management business, Investment research and trading excellence is the central core from which everything else is built upon.

Fairway Capital Investments’ dedication to making the most informed decisions possible has led us to build one of the largest and wide ranging of research units of any asset management firm of a similar size. Within our research team we have four primary disciplines - fundamental research, economic research, quantitative research and currency forecasting. To supplement these core research disciplines we have developed several separate specialist research units, which deal with, for instance, broad market trends that could affect multiple market sectors and economies. Fairway Capital Investments’ portfolio managers consider all of the input from the various research teams and marry that with the client’s particular goals and tolerances before recommending securities, building portfolios or offering investment advice.

Fairway Capital Investments’ quantitative analysis team derives investment tools that increase the chances of success for our clients. Some of these tools assist our fundamental analysis teams in improving the accuracy of their forecasts while others provide our portfolio managers with the means to help build more successful client portfolios.

As individuals and as a firm, at Fairway Capital Investments we are dedicated to the process of continual and evolving improvement in our services. Our research is integral to that process and helps to define our thinking about current economic and market conditions as well as emerging and future trends. Our investment research has been the making of Fairway Capital Investments’ reputation as a leading investment firm and will provide the basis for our continued growth.