Fairway Capital Investments | Welcome

Fairway Capital Investments is an independent investment firm based in Tokyo, Japan. We are a firm that is research driven, client focused in its mission and global in scope. We do not place the interests of our company at odds with the interests of our clients, whether they are institutional, private or research clients.

At Fairway Capital Investments, we believe that our success is dependent on our clients’ success. Serving our clients’ needs to the best of our ability is our primary goal. However we are determined to achieve these service levels in the right way. When it comes to integrity and ethics, we are 100% committed to our standards of professional conduct. It is not simply a matter of winning or losing at Fairway Capital Investments, but how we play the game that will ensure our clients success.

Fairway Capital Investments offers a comprehensive range investment products and services which are constructed to preserve and to grow wealth. Fairway Capital Investments’ strength in research and our global outlook provides us with the ability to design a portfolio that will suit any variety of investment goals, risk tolerances, tax situation or income that a client requires.

Fairway Capital Investments assists our clients in making well informed decisions by providing expert advice backed up by sophisticated financial planning tools. At Fairway Capital Investments, we believe that investment research is vital in delivering the best returns to clients. It is the role of Fairway Capital Investments’ research team to collate and interpret market data and facts, derive solid conclusions and deliver to our clients’ expert investment advice.

Fairway Capital Investments’ clients are based all around the world and come from a wide array of institutions and individuals. This is why we have developed a broad range of investment and advisory services to meet the unique requirements of each of them.