Our Culture

At Fairway Capital Investments, we believe that our success is dependent on our clients’ success. Serving our clients’ needs to the best of our ability is our primary goal. However we are determined to achieve these service levels in the right way. When it comes to integrity and ethics, we are 100% committed to our standards of professional conduct. It is not simply a matter of winning or losing at Fairway Capital Investments, but how we play the game that will ensure our clients success.


At Fairway Capital Investments, we are dedicated to the fair and equitable management of all of our clients, and to conform to all of the regulatory rules that are applicable to our business. This dedication is pursued through company wide ethics and regulatory training programs for all of our employees that promotes the awareness and knowledge of our fiduciary obligations, while we also carry out a number of monitoring and review safeguards to ensure complete compliance. Our incentives schemes are constructed to ensure our employees interests are aligned with those of our clients.


One of the principles under which Fairway Capital Investments operates is that of partnership. Our dedication to integrity, meritocracy, research excellence and open mindedness enables the formation of long lasting relationships, with our employees and in turn with our clients that are built on honesty, clear communication and trust. Fairway Capital Investments promotes a culture of creative thinking and innovation, of examining the established processes and thinking outside of the box. This culture of entrepreneurship is central to our extraordinary levels of service to our clients and to the superior levels of performance we deliver them.


At Fairway Capital Investments we cultivate a working environment that strongly links performance with success. While the performance of individuals is recognized and rewarded, it is through collaboration with others, particularly from diverse backgrounds, that the highest levels of success can be achieved. It is these partnerships that help foster our culture of self-examination and innovation. Drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds, geographies and talents, our people are extremely talented individuals who share with us our dedication to excellence and self-improvement. They possess a mind open to new thoughts and idea, with a passion for knowledge and research.