Our Clients

Fairway Capital Investments’ clients are based all around the world and come from a wide array of institutions and individuals. This is why we have developed a broad range of investment and advisory services to meet the unique requirements of each of them.

Our clients fall into the following loosely defined groups:

Private Clients

These are individuals and families around the world, along with their professional advisors, who entrust Fairway Capital Investments to protect and grow their capital through bespoke financial planning, prudent investing and an extensive wealth management offering.

Institutional Clients

Insurance companies, pension plans, banks and other financial services firms from around the world hire Fairway Capital Investments to manage investment funds in a sub advisory capacity.

Foundations, Endowments and Charities

Charities, hospital and university foundations, and other foundations, of all sizes and locations, use Fairway Capital Investments’ asset management services.

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors from around the world tap into the wide range of managed investment services and mutual funds that Fairway Capital Investments provides as they offer investment advice, products and services to their own individual clients.

Investment Managers & Consultants

Fairway Capital Investments works closely with its client investment managers and consultants around the world. Information regarding our asset management processes is made available while we also share our fundamental and quantitative research, investment tools and portfolio strategies so that together we can offer their clients the best solutions to their financial needs.