Fairway Capital Investments offers a diverse array of fixed income strategies for portfolios to suit the various needs of our clients, with the goal of providing income, protection from market volatility and the preservation of capital. Fairway Capital Investments’ bond portfolios are actively managed so as to seek out superior returns and manage the exposure to risk by utilizing research based and systematic processes.

Fairway Capital Investments’ process of risk management monitors bond issuers for their ability to make coupon payments and to meet their obligations upon maturity, while also monitoring and accounting for external economic factors such as interest rate risk. Fairway Capital Investments actively seeks to mitigate such risks through the active management of a well-diversified portfolio.

US, Global Developed Markets & Emerging Markets

  • • Local & National Government
  • • Corporate
  • • Investment Grade
  • • Junk Grade
  • • Tax Exempt
  • • Short, Intermediate & Long Term