Our Approach

Fairway Capital Investments assists our clients in making well informed decisions by providing expert advice backed up by sophisticated financial planning tools. Fairway Capital Investments’ investment philosophy is to separate clients’ portfolios into two distinct sections, each of which can have different criteria with regard to risk and asset allocation.

The Portfolio Core

Each individual is different, with different needs and different capabilities. Depending on each clients’ individual circumstances, Fairway Capital Investments will help to determine the size of your core portfolio, that which will be used to safeguard your primary financial goals (typically providing for retirement), and developing an investment strategy that provides growth and security. Our analytical tools and advisors empower our clients so that you can make the most informed decisions, no matter what the prevailing market conditions may be.

The Excess Portfolio

The excess portfolio contains the capital that you can put aside without impacting your current or future lifestyle and that is surplus to your core financial goals. This is typically the funds you would want to commit to your legacy - to be inherited by children or grandchildren, donated to charity and other philanthropic endeavors. Fairway Capital Investments’ wealth management experts assist you in deciding the best way to build this wealth and ultimately transfer it on in the most economical and tax aware method possible.

Each individual client has their own particular circumstances, tolerances, income levels, tax situation and beliefs which will guide how we manage your customized portfolios.

Fairway Capital Investments is also a firm believer in communication and that it should be a two way street. When our clients are well informed about the overall strategies and investment choices, then they are more secure. At the same time, the more in depth Fairway Capital Investments’ knowledge of each client is, the more able we are able to customize solutions for that client.